2009: Everything on this page is for sale. Prices not determined, reasonable offers accepted, goal is to get rid of it all.
"Wanted" columns are not 'wanted'. They can be seen as "set for sale minus the cards in the wanted column."

CCG Stuff (Last update: June 12, 2011)

Middle Earth:

Middle Earth moved to here

Banemaster: the Adventure: Box, starter, cards.

Battle Cards: Boxes, Cards


Spare (All spares are Standard edition.)
Wanted (12) (Wants can be Standard or Limited.)

Towers in Time, Set, Box, Cards

A pile of Star Trek:CCG Limited. (Picard and La Forge)

Arcadia: (sold off, sent to New Zealand)

Dark Age: Feudal Lords: (sold off, sent to New York.)

Dune: Dune cards sent to Spain!

Guardians: (sold off, sent to New York.)

Hyborian Gates: (Set/spares gone! Sent to New Jersey.)

Warlords: Sent to the Netherlands!

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